Safety in COVID-19

Safety in COVID-19

USEC SECURITY is taking safety precautions at many of our sites to help reduce the possibility of infection. Our guards are instructed to follow the following standard operating procedures. During this COVID-19 crisis, personnel are not only expected to continue their usual levels of service to the public, but are also expected to assist in community and government efforts combating the virus.



When the safety guard detects someone who looks ill:


  1. Approach the person wearing your mask; the symptoms of the person may include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Guards are to focus on a gathering of people.
  2. Issue the person with a mask; try to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from other persons, particularly those exhibiting the above-mentioned symptoms; practice proper hand hygiene and do NOT touch your face with unwashed hands; follow the plan for exposure control.
  3. Take the temperature of the person with the digital thermometer; if the reading is 38 degrees Celsius or higher, press the panic button;
  4. Make an OB entry and the response vehicle will activate emergency services.
  5. Notify management and call the toll-free hotline number: 0800 029 9999

Remember to be aware of who you are coming in contact with and watch for signs of exposure. Keep your distance. Follow common sense hygiene protocols. Don’t hesitate to ask for managerial assistance if you think you need it. You are a key component in combating this virus and keeping your community safe, so stay safe and stay healthy.




There are groups of people who are selling surgical masks at numerous traffic lights. The masks are soaked in a chemical which causes you to almost immediate faint once you have tried it on. The robbers will then use this opportunity to rob you. Do not accept any mask that seem cheap or any being sold on street corners.


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