Our Training

Our Training

We have a fully-equipped lecture room for up to ten grade C students, in which the following courses are presented:

  • Induction course
  • Management course
  • Security training for grade C


We also have outsourced training, such as:

  • Dog handling for DH4 handlers


First Aid






Guards who are assigned to a site must undergo a three-phase induction/orientation course.

Phase 1 Training

This serves as an introduction to the USEC SECURITY policy. Guards do a series of battery tests to determine whether they are capable of doing the type of job which awaits them or not.

This battery tests measures:

  • Physical capability;
  • Psychological capability;
  • Language barriers and communication skills;
  • Personality skills with regard to handling drunken people, criminals, manipulation and/or aggressive behaviour; and
  • The capability to understand instructions, analysing problematic situations, and taking the correcting course of action.


Phase 2 Training

During this phase, people skills and the ability to function under pressure are measured and the guard is introduced to an emergency plan which must serves as an indicator about what to do during a crisis. The guard receives spiritual guidance in the form of a book I wrote which will ensure a different mind-set. Guard are working 12 hour shifts and has plenty time to think. I don’t want a guard to be overwhelmed by a negative mind-set.


Phase 3 Training

The guard receives coaching on disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures, code of conduct, criminal and justice law. The emergency plan is also discussed in a more elaborate manner. The guard is taken through an orientation process with regard to the work scope of the site.


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