comprehensive security services


Driving as Females

Driving Alone as a Female Women driving alone need to take extra precautionary measures. If you notice that a vehicle has been tailing you, switch

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Dogs for Security

comprehensive security services Why Dogs are Great for Security Purposes There are so many options out there today when it comes to home, office and

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What Our Business Is

comprehensive security services What Our Business Is The purpose of unifying several companies under one umbrella is to structure multiple business entities which would function as

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Our Training

comprehensive security services THE TRAINING NEVER ENDS We have a fully-equipped lecture room for up to ten grade C students, in which the following courses

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About Our Guards

comprehensive security services Things Our Security Guards Keep in Mind While On Foot Patrol A security guard’s job is to keep the area he is

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Buy Sanitiser Booth

S.A.A.U.S now markets the dry sanitiser booth for R22 465, including VAT and free delivery. It  can be used at most entrances of malls, office

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