The Introduction of K-9 Services at S.A.A.U.S.

security guard with guard dogOur PSiRA-registered security guards are trained dog handlers in DH4 training. The use of a patrol dog is essential on large terrains. The dogs have the advantage of greater speed when compared to their human counterparts and can be trained to stop fleeing or violent suspects. On command, the dog will chase and tackle someone who runs, and if the suspect continues to fight, the dog will bite and hold until ordered to release.

Careful training is required to ensure that the dog does not bite if the suspect is complying with a security officer’s commands. Our guards receive a high level of training in dog handling. Since dogs have been utilised on sites, there have been no incidents of trespassing or other crimes.

Safety and security have become buzzwords in the international arena, with vastly different needs of clients across the spectrum. However, one thing has become very clear: security and protection dogs, trained for a variety of applications, are playing an ever-increasing role in spite of numerous electronic safety and security devices becoming available in the market all the time.

The major question is not whether to use trained dogs and handlers for your safety and protection needs, but rather, how to ensure that the security service provider of your choice REALLY provides suitably trained dogs and handlers. The task at hand. Many clients have burned their fingers (and still do) because they choose the wrong security service providers or organisations. They end up with dogs and/or handlers that have not been trained in compliance with the minimum standards set by the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), in accordance with the relevant legislation.