Director awarded for his excellent service

Director Awarded for Outstanding Workmanship

Director Edson J Khambule was recently awarded for his remarkable management skills. Edson conveyed good workmanship to his workers under very difficult circumstances in the past few years. He is a “people person” and has a great passion for his job.

Edson has been with the company since it started in 2009. Edson became the Operational Director of S.A.A.U.S after 10 years of dedication, as reflected within the successes of the company. Edson assisted in the writing of the S.O.P (Standard Operating Procedures) Book for the company by contributing with his practical insights.

After reviewing his performance over the past few years, we decided to offer him an increment. Edson delivers satisfactory work and is constantly driven to higher work performance. Edson has the unique capability to motivate his team with his contribution of significant management skills.

Thank you Edson, we express our gratitude!