COVID-19 Screening

COVID-19 Screening

To all residents: please beware of fake COVID-19 screenings within your communities.

Please don’t open your doors for anyone who claims to be from the Department of Health, Netcare, the ER24 or any other medical service or organisation. Criminals are taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation by approaching citizens’ houses in full uniforms or otherwise, claiming to be doing COVID-19 home screenings.

covid-19-ear-thermometer-testingNetcare Warns the Public to be Cautious of Fake COVID-19 Screenings

These fraudsters are using real equipment to seem legitimate. Take care that no door-to-door screenings are taking place in South Africa.

“Please note that staff members from the Netcare Group, including from Netcare hospitals, Netcare 911 or Medicross medical and dental centres, are NOT doing door-to-door Covid-19 screenings,” Netcare said in a statement on Monday (Business Insider South Africa).

These criminals are utilising this tactic to gain access to your house or property. Should you spot anyone suspicious within your area, please notify your security company, CPF or the South African Police Service immediately so that action can be taken against such individuals. Please spread the word amongst your communities and save someone from being robbed or hurt.