Secure Your Home & Business With SAAUS

The core business of SAAUS focuses on delivering integrated security solutions.

In cooperation with our clients, we develop customised and efficient solutions with the right balance between on-site security officers, mobile guarding services and technological security solutions. We also develop new services that deliver added value for our clients.

Security Guards

SAAUS does access control, vehicle/foot patrol, fire patrol and inspection services. Our guarding services are supported by a ring of related security functions such as alarm, panic button and guard monitoring systems.
SAAUS develops optimal, cost-efficient security solutions adapted to various specific needs. We take a hands-on, active approach to working with clients that comprises of managed security services. Each client is supported by a dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM) who facilitates all aspects of the client’s chosen security services, and is the focal point of communications between us and the client.

Armed Response

SAAUS has subcontracted ADT, one of the country’s foremost armed response (AR) providers, to provide a full and professional armed response service to our clients.

Satellite Monitoring & Tracking

SAAUS has live satellite tracking of guards on patrol to ensure each security guard is functionally deployed and highly engaged.

K9 Services

S.A.A.U.S introducing it’s K-9 services. Our Psira registered guards are trained dog handlers in DH1 training. The use of a patrol dog is essential on large terrains. The dogs have the advantage of greater speed than their human counterparts, and can be trained to stop fleeing or violent suspects. On command, the dog will chase and tackle someone who runs, and if the suspect continues to fight, the dog will bite and hold until ordered to release. Careful training is required to ensure that the dog does not bite if the suspect is complying with a security officer’s commands.

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SAAUS is based in Gauteng.

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